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Surreal Squiggly Bats
Lacklustre Ghost
Flying Happy Ghost
Haunted House
Good Witch
Ghost in House
Trick or Treat
Tiny Spinning Skull
Line of Flame
Long Line of Flame
High-Blood-Pressure Demon
Skeleton Can-Can Line
Smoking Kills
Spinning Pentagram
Small Spinning Pentagram
Cat Boo!
Sinister Pumpkin

Bat in Front of Moon
Flying Bats
Spooky Email Icon
Giant Ghost
Small Jack-O-Lantern
Happy Jack-O-Lantern
Flaming Jack
Witch on Broomstick
Demon Skeleton
Terrified Critter
Dancing Skeleton
Grim Reaper
Pumpkin Fades In
Freaky Vanishing Skull
Large Evil Eyes
Chattering Skull
Vampire Skull
Trick or Treat Goodies
Pumpkin Dance
Neon Skull-n-Crossbones

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